17 February 2014

Sinine kleit

Siin blogis on viimasel ajal kuidagi väga sinine :) kuigi sinine on ise-enesest ju väga ilus värv.
Paar postitust tagasi mainitud kleit heale sõbrannale sai valmis.

Lõige on võetud 12/2008 Burdast. Seal on see küll pika kleidina, ent lühemana sobis see antud juhul oluliselt paremini.

I have to admit that lately there are blog posts about blue color only. So hope you are not tired of this color yet.

But the ultramarine blue dress is now finished.
The fabric is so soft and smooth on the skin and very comfortable to wear.
And this is my dear friend on the picture, who asked to make a dress for her. Looking really good with it! :)

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